Kill the Bill

Killing the Bill

It came as no surprise to see Celtic in a back page derogatory slant over the past couple of days following the media mauling that the Blue Side have received recently. That might be the old paranoia kicking in again, but every time Celtic get up a head of steam on the field, the circling scribers in the West of Scotland have their poisoned pens at the ready.

Given the timing of this “probe”, you can’t help but think this was lined up to give maximum focus on the clubs supposed shame – and the half-baked, half-arsed police report Strathclyde’s “quality polis (thanks to Robert Florence for that one)” have sent to UEFA will be holier than Paddy McCourts’ Sunday sweater. Yes the Bhoys in green have caused major offence to not only their poor Rennes counterparts, but all & sundry who were watching on television and of course more than likely, wee Pat Nevin whose “pseudo-sectarian-ometer” hit CODE HAMPDEN. Following a great deal of public opposition to Alex Salmond’s “Offensive Behaviour Bill”, this seems a great opportunity for the SNP to manifest their power from within the police force and to show Celtic they will be taken seriously. One of the best points raised throughout the day was of course, if their was offensive & illicit chanting, and the police inside the ground were able to identify it….why no arrests on the night in question??

The European body have opened themselves up as wide as the gap between Craig Whyte’s birds tits in their opposition to “political songs or chants” at any football ground in Europe. A host of clubs have a diverse and cultured stance within their own countries & regions with their political opinions confirming their club identity – a plethora of National anthems including the Soldier Song & Flower of Scotland, also showcase their leanings and sympathies to a great extent against Saxon rule.

A month has now passed since Peter Lawell sat at the AGM, warning and condemning us against the use of certain Republican groups names in song – this coupled with police state 111 and the disgraceful treatment which our supporters have to deal with on every visit to their home, a rebellion has been, and is on the cards. The IRA chants are audible, are they needed? Probably not -Ssome elements of the support are feeling hurt and disenchanted with the clubs hierarchy, and I can’t help but feel if the board showed more solidarity with the fans and also more leniency with their finances – this episode could have been avoided.

But bring on the Hearts, The Hibs and UEFA…..who they trying to kid?


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