A team riddled from board room to penalty box, this may be a drunken ramble but I’m sure it will resonant with some.

First up two of my own statements about today and my general malaise regarding the past couple of months:-

One. Beram Kayal does not want to play football for Glasgow Celtic -his performance in the first forty-five minutes today is one of the most gutless and insignificant I have witnessed. I was roundly abused for criticising the Israeli international in the recent Glasgow derby, as I thought he looked more interested in fighting and petulant back chat – today I need no further evidence. As I tweeted at half time – I am rightfully disgusted this man ever wore the captain’s armband.

Two – Neil Lennon is not a football manager and should never have been. He is being used as a puppet by the board and they are hanging him out to dry. Peter Lawell came on the screen at one point today and looked utterly bemused at Celtic being three nil down, a joke of a man – he would be better running an administrators  firm. A manager should never come out and lambast an individual player – Neil Lennon has now twice done this in two weeks against Commons and Samaras. Football is a team game and it us ultimately the managers responsibility for the team and direction in which the game goes in.

So where are we? An unattainable lead in the league & only two months or so in, some fairly uninspiring signings and a backroom team that seems to have lost player confidence and become bereft of inspiration and ideas. This could have been Neil Lennons “St Mirren” – three nil down to Kilmarmock at the break is not acceptable for any team never mind a club like Celtic. Gordon Strachan was hounded for a lot less and should be regarded as some sort of miracle worker for the triumphs he brought to the club.

Defending, or the lack of it – does Johan Mjallby have a voice unless an ESPN microphone is thrust in his face? How difficult is it to take the defence to one side at training and instruct them how teams to defend? Again today, no one attacking high balls in the box and no sustained challenges to stop crosses or shots coming in. Simple stuff, not carried out.

The AGM yesterday was nothing but a deflection shield by the board – football questions…ohhh no let’s talk about songs, the new chairman and the impending death of Scottish Football – on that point Lawell is not wrong, but he is an accessory to the crime.

  1. chaskynyrd says:

    gresat blog.kayal has embarassed us enough.

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