Samaras & Kelvin Wilson can't look after Sion defeat

Another away trip, another harsh lesson handed out by a minnow in European football.

Lessons are there to be learned from, so why do we just carry on with the same old mistakes and trundle out the same hard luck stories. Neil Lennon said the players were brilliant, they were not. A lot of them aren’t even acceptable for Celtic Football Club in terms of talent and status – but then that’s not their fault. The scouts, the board and the aforementioned who decides they go on the field should take the flak for that.

Harry Redknapp made a quip about the lack of physicality in Scottish players these days being down to the lack of oats in their diet – it might not just be down to that but the attitude of the whole of Scotland and growing up here is far removed from the days of Bremner & Dalglish at the top flight in England.  Social media culture has meant youngsters are glued to their phones or PC’s instead of taking part in physical activities, either that or hanging about outside take-aways and off licenses eating & drinking away their teenage years.

Celtic though, have been guilty of resting on their laurels after a few successive years during Martin O’Neill’s tenure – three or four top class players were needed to take us to the next level in 2004 and 6 years on we are now a team of top class players away from even getting into Europe. Peter Lawell has been criticised in many quarters for not producing the goods (i.e the cheque book) in many transfer windows  since his appointment as chief executive and talk of “blue chip” players has been restricted to six month loan deals for players surplus to requirements and with their halcyon days behind them. Dermot Desmond is someone who mystifies many supporters, a billionaire who is the major shareholder at the club but cannot speculate to accumulate for the sake of the club. Better players = More success = more money, it’s a simple sum which is lost on many in the Celtic hierarchy.

The money men have also been keeping to close an eye on our fierce neighbours, without concentrating on progressing Celtic as a European force we have been held back by penny-pinching and keeping up with the jones’ – and we can’t even do that successfully!

Where do we go from here? Possibly back into Europe following this mornings news of an  appeal over Sion’s playing of ineligible signings – which I find frankly embarrassing, let the bodies decide their fate – a desperate attempt from a desperate club.  FC Sion of Switzerland are not a great football club, I myself jumped for joy when we were drawn against them. Celtic, should in no way have the divine right to beat anyone, but we have the infrastructure, history & fan-base which means there’s no excuse not to. From back to front, there is a lack of leadership and confidence which can catapult a team to great things in Europe – four such figures sit on our bench and I am bewildered as to how their experience & inspirations are not instilled in the current crop of players.

Neil Lennon has a big decision next, he promised us a new dawn on the last day of the SPL campaign in May and so far that has failed to materialise – whenever he returns from Switzerland, an ultimatum has to be leveled at the door of the chief executive for funds to be released. We have been to busy ogling and laughing at the dark side’s many failed attempts in this window without getting our own house in order.


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