Stokes keeper

Stokes one on one

The fans were in confident mood pre-match at Celtic Park but many left debating the possibility that by next Thursday evening,  our European adventures will be cut short. A lot of them also hoping that something similar would happen to Georgios Samaras’ Celtic career, which has had so many wild ups & downs it is akin to a whore’s briefs.

Samaras, loved by few and scapegoat for many was again the number one target for the boo bhoys and green groaners – he didn’t have a great game, but arguably Brown, Commons & Stokes were worse. The only pass marks I gave out last night were to Ki – who when on the ball, went forward with intent, tried to make through passes and bring defenders out of position.

Think ah've left the cooker on

The Swiss mob were organised & savvy in their antics – which have been witnessed on many occassions at Celtic Park throughout the years, time-wasting and feigned injuries being high up on their list of talents. They are not a great team though and should be dispatched next Thursday when a less toothless Celtic go to Toblerone country – they did not offer much at all in attack but due to Celtic’s make shift back line and Fraser Forster’s weak punching there was always the possibility.

Lennon’s main problem last night was trying to overcompensate in midfield as he felt Sion were getting too much possession after our early flurry – this confused not only the fans but by the looks of it the players themselves. Stokes was a shadow of a player out on the wing and Commons looked not only lost but well off the pace, with a lot of the game passing the Scottish Internationalist by.

Too many hospital balls played by Brown, too many garry owen’s from Cha not reaching their target, not enough zip on the passes and not enough movement in general meant Celtic were slow and lackluster in the final third. The pace and movement of Gary Hooper, the drive and determination of Kayal and the speed of ball and width from Izzaguire would have had the opposition in cloud cuckoo land (it was too easy!!).

Next week, hopefully with either one or two of Beram and Hooperman returning, this will steer the tie in the Hoops direction – It looks like Scotland is going to need someone to fly the flag anyway….


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